NEW YORK CITY: The Belly Edition

The best part about going on vacation is eating/trying new food’s and restaurants. Filling your belly’s greatest desires! So after spending a couple day’s in the beautiful city of New York, you know I had to eat like life is too short to calorie count.

With that being said, here is a list of restaurants and food spots you must try in the big city:

Serendipity3 – located 60th street east. This little restaurant has so much character and spunk! Making reservations ahead of time is definitely recommended because this spot is wildly popular. Known for it’s giant frozen hot chocolates and amazing burgers, Serendipity3 is the perfect place to grab a bite after walking through Central Park or visiting Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Cafebene– There seems to be quite a bit of Cafebene locations around Manhattan and it’s clear why. It’s the perfect place to treat yourself to a Belgium waffle covered in whip cream, powdered sugar and/or fruits. Not to mention they’re incredible drinks, I ended up getting a non alcoholic raspberry and grape wine mojito. The food is authentic, different and not expensive at all!nycfood

The Buddakan– Located in the Chelsea Market, is far from your everyday restaurant. I’ll start by saying that the food is authentic, rich and quality. The environment isn’t as pleasant as the food, it’s almost impossible to eat without a reservation made a month in advanced (But what restaurant doesn’t require a reservation?!) and upscale is an understatement. The place is swarming with NYC’s elite and rich crowd. Although I paid $8 for some water… I still really enjoyed The Buddakan.
Ricardo’s Steakhouse- Hand’s down one of my favourite places to eat in NYC. Located in Harlem, and known for being featured in the show Love & Hip Hop NYC. Ricardo’s is an upscale (and well worth it) twist on soul food. Although I think for the quality and good size portion of food, $50 isn’t so bad for two people. Obviously they specialize in making the perfect steak, but I completely fell in love with they’re seafood. Perfect for date night or special occasion’s, Ricardo’s is well worth the trip!
Here’s a couple more pictures of enticing food from NYC, including they’re famous “street meat”….