The other day I was having an intense conversation with someone about the chaotic world that we live in. The result of this discussion concluded in me being called “another angry black woman”.

The colour of our skin is one of those things in life that we weren’t able to choose. For some reason our God, gods, or the universe decided that this is what and who you are… matter of fact whom you were meant to be.

Being who I am is something I take immense pride in and I believe strongly in accepting ourselves as human beings above all the misconstrued obstacles this world seems to throw our way.

It seems as though the world is in a constant state of chaos and its one disaster to mourn after another, but the only consistency we can provide as a human race is to stay true to who we are and what we believe in.

Being not only a woman, but also a black woman in fact. There are struggles, trials and tribulations that life will slap me with at least once before my time on earth is up. A lot of which most that aren’t apart of my specific category would never particularly understand.

They say that it’s important to know and understand history because it’s a funny thing that tends to be repetitive. With that being said, I’m more than disappointed to say that its been proven that I live in a world where my father, brother, male cousins, potential husband and sons have a high chance of living in fear because of the colour of their skin.

But it is also a fact that every race is nursing battle wounds and going through some kind of pain due to their own trials and tribulations. The worst part is the common denominator… hatred and lack of compassion and respect.

Many of us are blind to see that we as the human race are a bunch of dominoes; we cause pain because we are experiencing pain. We hate what we don’t understand and don’t have the patience to try and relate.

There is no perfect world; she or he is different from you to help you understand that the world is so much bigger than the bubble you have created for yourself. So no, I am not an angry black woman. I’m a woman who is angry at our ignorance as human beings and I just so happen to be black as well.

-Shannon Liverpool