Proud. Black & Intelligent

The world seems to have no shortage of turmoil. History keeps repeating it’s self in the worst way, the only way to get through this properly is to stand together and lift each other up for the positives we have contributed to the world… how else will we cross out all the wrongs? Lets start to heal, I refuse to let being black become a stigma or a shame. I really hope you all feel the same way, black is beautiful just like every other race has beauty.

cheFellow Fashion blogger Laché Chanice, stands powerfully prideful  in being a proud black woman.

“I feel that black lives are beautiful, and they thrive within all elements of society and the world we live in. Black lives are influential and we have to continue promoting the legacy of saving our lives.”

If you have something positive to share with the world about being who you are no matter how much you’ve been attacked, submit a picture and/or a powerful statement to so you can make a difference.