J-Soul… November Twelve

The king of sad soul, a creative genius that stands out in a city full of dreamers and rightfully so.

Recently signed, Cash Money artist J-Soul didn’t have the life of most boys growing up in Toronto, being homeless, in debt and all around going through the most; I always say God gives the hardest lessons to those who have the greatest potential, his trials and tribulations only made him a legend in training because he’s on his way to being one of the most talented and sonically creative of our generation.

I wouldn’t even dare compare him to any modern day artists, because his vibe is incomparable. He makes music that pours his soul through each verse, listening to him was almost an emotional experience because he puts art into a perspective that most artists don’t have the ability or grounds to portray.

He describes his music as sad soul but I refuse to categorize it because his music just like his humble personality speaks for it’s self, he’s the beginning of something seriously historic.

Watch the my visual breakdown here:

If you appreciate real art catch the vibe and listen to his re-released ep November Twelve: