They woke up like this…. So Flawless

I was privileged with the experience of yet another incredible art exhibit held by The YTB Gallery. Hosted in one of my favourite artsy areas of Toronto, Regent Park was the home to FLAWLESS ( The Feminist Art Show).

Just as intriguing as the name, the art that was produced had my eye’s wide, and mind in complete awe, from the thought process behind the amazing art that 8 incredible feminists artists had blessed upon their audience.

I loved this exhibit because of how unique it was, I love art that defy’s traditional visual values.

It was glamorous, raw, and honest, showcasing the sexuality of the female body to the harsh truth of a black woman’s stereotypes.

Art is one of those things that is supposed to break walls and barricades against the social say so.

What does that mean? it means it is supposed to be bold, it is supposed to say the things many human beings aren’t able to physically say. Thats what I love about Younger than Beyonce Art Gallery, they allow their artists to do that.

Flawless will show you the raw truth behind the modern day feminist, madness and all.

FLAWLESS is held until August 29th, 2015.

I don’t want to give it all away! So get out and get cultured at this amazing art exhibit before it’s gone!

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