I must confess my obsession with masculine structered clothing.

As much as i love a good bodycon dress and heels, there’s nothing like feeling sexy in a pair of perfectly not too baggy, baggy jeans and a loose fitted tee that emphasizes the right amount of sexy, I go to the gym often, arm muscle (or at least an illusion of some in my case).

Some of you may think i sound completely insane, but hear me out.. The effortless, too cool to try to hard, i just woke up at my boyfriend’s house look is a drooling trend that benefits us all (trust me).

There are days when I seriously just want to feel comfy (but still uphold ultimate chic-ness) so putting on my boyfriend’s tee-shirt and a pair of boyfriend jeans, with a super flattering structured jacket/ leather jacket with a cute pair of combat boots or Doc Martens is the perfect solution.

THIS is exactly why i’m still foaming at the mouth for the Public School NYC S/S 15 Show. The entire collection spoke in a comfortable but still sexy and we all know it kind of way.

The Mens collection was made for the perfect gentleman. Tailored, sleek, classy but still not trying too hard. This line will be on the type of man you hope to catch or the type of guy you’re working towards being (unless you’re already him 😉 ).

On Instagram they gave some clarity to the collection:

“We wanted to promote the idea of unity especially in these times. Dressing our crew of boys from all walks of life in the quintessential Public School uniform contrasted against a backdrop that has come to contextualize and marginalize a specific group of people reinforces the need for this idea of solidarity. Shaking up the traditional notions and images of who you’ve come to see in this setting. But we’re really all the same when lined up side by side. So the systematic styling of the show makes it hard to pull someone out and say they’re any more or less than the person standing next to them.” -Public School NYC

but anyway look for yourself: 14public-reese-tmagSF 11698511_10153093467822815_5413320389726659423_n-114nyfwmpublicschool-1-master675