Simple…Modern…Minimalism: FASHION

Crisp, elegant and simplistic… minimalism will never be a trend stuck in the past.

What is minimalism? : it’s literally the bare minimum, clean lines, and simplistic outfits and articles of clothing.

Why minimalism: aside from style, a minimalistic life is your pursuit of happiness.It’s easy to be simple, not only is it the recipe for a cheaper closet, it also allows your beautiful features (eyes, lips, hair) to be the centre of attention instead of your unfortunate leopard print tank top.

How to dress minimally? : It’s easy, start focusing your closet on basic items that you can incorporate into multiple outfits, recycling clothing cuts the cost of buying unnecessary clothes that you’ll probably only wear once or twice.

To get the perfect minimalist outfits ( all items work for both men and women! ) , all you need is:

A simple pair of black or dark brown chelsea boots
A neutral pair of sneakers that can be worn with almost anything
A pair of oversized ripped jeans (light or dark.. use your preference)
A decent pair of jeans that fit well and can be dressed up or down ( no coloured jeans!)
Basic t shirts/tank tops in neutral colours
Simple gold or silver jewlery
Simple shorts/maxi skirts (use your own discretion on the style or material, just stay away from prints or super bright colours)
A denim shirt / jacket
A leather jacket (make sure it’s flattering and simple)
A cute hat that suits your head!
Things to also remember:

Ladies keep your perfume scents warm and simple ( I like scents that remind me of baby powder or fresh laundry)
Men smelling great is always a must but stay away from colognes that cause headaches!
Your outfit is simple, your jewelry should be as well! (less is more)
Ladies don’t cake your face with make up all the time .. you’re beautiful wearing the bare minimum! (try out a nude colour palette)
Don’t be afraid of adding statement pieces that are not so minimal to your closet/outfit