Andy Warhol -Revisited

The importance that art upholds in our society is a beautiful and satisfying romance. It’s about exploring the world through an exceptionally creative pair of eyes. Soaking up every piece of artistic existence the city can provide you or I is so necessary, which is exactly why i had no choice but to visit the Andy Warhol: Revisited on 77 Bloor St. W. When I first walked into the exhibit i was instantly impressed by the humble yet trendy environment. It was one of those galleries that makes you instantly feel like life is truly a box of chocolates, from the bright neon colours to the friendly staff, it was actually worth the $20 entrance fee! Throughout the gallery experience I felt fascinated by how Warhol depicted these icons and characters, he truly makes you look at your fav icons in an artsy way without stripping them of their credibility i.e(Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe) This exhibit is worth visiting simply because it lets you experience a particular side to art that not many can achieve, Warhol’s work allows it’s viewers to experience an era of specific emotion, he uses his keen sense of colour to control specific emotions happiness, funk, nostalgia.   112345yjhcampdrtfjgkjfameqqsoufundygvhyvh