Showing skin has always been considered a sexy approach when it comes to appearances. But fashion is constantly evolving and simple ideas are the key ingredient to making one-of-a-kind ideas. Kanye’s latest line featured sheer materials that gave a seductive vibe without actually completely flashing your skin to the world. mesh details are the warmer months greatest trend in 2015, adding edge and sensuality to clothes that would otherwise be plain and basic. Much like Alexander Wang’s collaboration with H&M this past year, many of his women’s pieces featured mesh details that gives you that peek-a-boo affect, almost giving someone a view without giving away too much, but like most things in this world, less is more. Take caution when wearing mesh and remember too much of a good thing cancel’s out the good part. What some fail to realize is that there is a bold line between sexy and trashy, when working with materials like mesh it’s crucial to recognize that bold line. A good way to stay tasteful is to make sure the mesh leaves mystery, there is no need to expose more than the eye needs to see. Try to wear mesh on area’s where you would normally other wise show bare skin.

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