Rudsak X Style Democracy


last weekend I was blessed with an incredible (and with my usual luck..very rare) opportunity thanks to my not so guilty pleasure Style DemocracyI won a $500 shopping spree to this season’s Rudsak sample sale!

I’ve been a huge Rudsak fan for years now, since watching their runway shows as WMCFW, and drooling over their perfectly edgy leather details. I’ve attended a couple of their sample sales in the past and i’ve never been disappointed. My goal for this season ( With the help of Style Democracy)  was to snag a couple items that fit into the wardrobe i’m developing currently.

With age, your style is bound to evolve and i find that my closet is progressing into edgy, minimal, sleek designs with architectural cuts, and pastels. I’ve been really focusing of turning my closet into a selection of quality pieces and getting rid of the quantity.

Although the sample sale had an ample amount of jackets, and shoes I focused on getting bags and wallets because i find thats where my closet lacks. I was able to snag two briefcase style leather bags, a nude pink change purse and card holder to match, and a passport holder / travel wallet for myself. But in efforts to share the blessing, I also grabbed an amazing snake print white leather wallet, and a beige textured leather cardholder (to match mine)  for my mister 😉

Here’s the visual break down!






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