Style with Shan: The minimalist Queen

Fashion is about confidence, you can’t have one without the other.

This outfit is 90% self esteem and 10% just plain fun to wear. I know what you’re thinking.. “Those heels do not look comfortable” haha I promise you they are the most comfortable heels I have put on, I love tall boots because it hugs your legs, giving you the perfect amount of support. Walking is not an issue and they are wholesome enough to carry an insole so your feet don’t suffer by the end of the night. I paired my thigh high boots with this incredibly comfortable t-shirt dress from forever 21, i love the details on this dress because the sleeves are mesh and it has slits on the sides of it (my favourite detail on any skirt,dress, or shirt)

This outfit is very simple, which gives it the ability to be paired with really cute accessories. I paired it with a necklace i got at F21 with silver, gold and white thread woven details, and my vintage grey Chanel Purse.

Detail Break Down :

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: You can a find similar pair here:

Necklace: Forever 21


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  1. This is such a fierce look, obsessed with that dress on you



    1. Thank you sweetheart! 🙂 stay fierce, share and continue to check my blog for more fashion post


      The Minimalist Blogger



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